Get ready for winter!

I love winter in North Queensland but your waste pipes aren’t a big fan.

And they let you know about it through freezing cold showers, flooded laundries and leaks.

However, there are steps you can take to help your plumbing work as well as possible as the colder months set in.

Easy on the comfort food.

In some ways, your plumbing system is a little health nut. One who hates grease and oil as much as your own arteries. As these substances can congeal in your pipes, particularly in cold weather, dispose of them in the bin instead. Or when rinsing the dishes run the hot water down the sink to move on cooking oil before it solidifies.

Spread your showers out.

Take at least 10 minutes in between showers to help your hot water system to recover. It might mean waking up a little earlier, but it’s worth it to stop the family feuds.

 Use protection.

Wrap any exposed pipes with foam to help protect them. This will make it quicker standing there waiting for the hot draw to the shower and kitchen sink.

Give your pipes a work out.

Run water from every valve in your house regularly throughout the colder months.

It keeps the o rings and washers lubricated

If you’re designing a new home, make sure your architect or builder considers how best to arrange your piping to prevent winter related problems and provide easy access if needed.

For more information or advice on plumbing problems, contact us today.

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