DIY Plumbing

That’s fine. Here’s a link to TAFE so you can get started in 2018 –

Sorry to be a downer. Despite the mountain of plumbing fittings and products you can buy – you aren’t actually allowed to install most of them unless you’re a qualified plumber. This is to protect you, your property and those around you from some of the hidden dangers in plumbing work. Even experts sometimes fall victim to these threats, so they’re not something an amateur DIYer should ever be dealing with.

So what can you do?

The laws vary from state to state but they all place quite strict limits on what you can do yourself. For instance in Queensland, a home-owner can:

  • Replace a jumper valve or washer in a tap.
  • Change a shower head.
  • Replace a drop valve washer, float valve washer or suction cup rubber in a water closet cistern.
  • Install certain types of irrigation and lawn watering systems

Check with your local regulator though before you carry out any work.

Some plumbers may also help you assist with some of the work under strict supervsion. This includes tasks like digging trenches, removing unneeded pipes and cutting into walls. When you carry out any kind of digging or cutting into walls, you need to ensure you’re not about to cut into electrical wiring or plumbing pipes, so it is essential to seek the advice and supervision of a qualified plumber.

While it can sound a bit overbearing, the laws are in place to keep you alive and protect your property.

To all those aspiring DIYers, give us a call to discuss your next plumbing project and we’ll let you know what you can help out with!

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