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DIY Plumbing

Want to do your own plumbing work around the house? That’s fine. Here’s a link to TAFE so you can get started in 2018 – Sorry to be a downer. Despite the mountain of plumbing fittings and products you can buy – you aren’t actually allowed to install most of them unless you’re a […]

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Get ready for winter!

I love winter in North Queensland but your waste pipes aren’t a big fan. And they let you know about it through freezing cold showers, flooded laundries and leaks. However, there are steps you can take to help your plumbing work as well as possible as the colder months set in. Easy on the comfort […]

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What is in your drain?!

  As plumbers, we find all types of curious objects in people’s drains. Children are often the culprit. Having a miniature whirlpool on demand is just too much for many under 5s to resist. Toys, brushes and entire rolls of toilet paper often find themselves thrown into a journey they simply cannot finish. Adults aren’t […]

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